AuthorHi there! My name is Teresa Tyler, and I’m from Lakewood, Colorado. Most people call me Tessa, though, so if we ever cross paths, feel free to call me that!

You might be wondering why a random woman has taken such a large amount of time to create a car seat review guide of the safest car seats and the top car seats overall, so I’ll tell you. I’m a new mother. My darling blonde-haired twins are Sara and Thomas, and they are just 9 months old.

All moms need to tote their children around in the car sometimes, but I especially do. I’m an interior designer as well as a new mom, so I constantly find myself needing to make multiple stops to local boutiques, construction agencies, engineering and architecture firms and the like.

Naturally, as a woman who is always on the go and a doting new mom, I immediately knew that I needed the absolute best car seat on the market. With that being said, I’m not crazy! I also wanted to save money! My interior design business has just gotten off the ground, so money is a little tight around here.

Well, this began my months-long quest to find the perfect carseat that met all of my demands. I scoured the net, talked to other moms and dads, read car seat reviews and tested out about a dozen seats myself. Finally, I found one for my own van, one for my husband’s car and one for grandma and grandpa’s car! They’re all different as you can imagine, but they’re perfect.

When the twins were newborns, I had special seats for them. And as the twins get older, I already have my eye on the perfect seats for them as toddlers and above. All of this means that I know a tremendous amount about car seats. And I want to share this information with you!

So if you’re in need of the perfect car seat for your little ones, this is the guide you need. Please read on, and I hope you find it helpful!

And in case of suggestions or questions do contact me! Also feel free to say hi at my facebook page!